About Us

Welcome to our music production studio, where creativity meets sound! We are thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to embark on a musical journey together.

At our studio, we believe that music has the power to inspire, heal, and bring people together. Whether you are a solo artist, a band, or a filmmaker in need of a captivating soundtrack, we are here to help you bring your vision to life.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and top-notch recording equipment, ensuring that every note, beat, and melody is captured with pristine clarity. Our experienced team of producers, engineers, and musicians are passionate about their craft and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

From pre-production to post-production, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need assistance with songwriting, arranging, recording, mixing, or mastering, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your project exceeds your expectations.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We believe that the best music is created when artists and producers come together to share ideas, experiment, and push boundaries. Our studio provides a comfortable and inspiring environment where you can unleash your creativity and explore new sonic possibilities.

So, whether you are an aspiring artist looking to record your first demo or an established musician aiming to take your sound to the next level, we invite you to step into our music production studio and let the magic happen.

How we started

Truce Label was founded in 2014 by Munyovi Victor Indiazi (M.V.I), Judah Kelly (K-dawg), Allan Anusu and Webster Kamaliki. It started as a music production studio targeting upcoming artists who could never stand a chance to record in top studios due to financial challenges. Truce Label grew popular in the Nairobi Eastlands area to a point whereby we could plan events and provide a chance for upcoming artists to perform. As the brand grew, we started venturing into artist development, branding and management. Today, we are a full music production studio with our own music distribution platform. We work with both upcoming and top artists.

Why we are unique

Truce Label is the only popular music studio in Kenya that offers affordable music production charges that most upcoming artists in Kenya can afford. Our products are of high quality and we have the only platform that gives a higher percentage of royalties to artists for music distributed on our platform. We give our artists 70% of their revues. We also provide exclusive guidance for upcoming artists and help them develop into a brand.

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe that everyone can shine and achieve their dreams if they believe in themselves and work hard and smart. We believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities irrespective of their age, gender, background and tribe. No one should be denied a chance to showcase their talents. Everyone is talented – We just need to be guided and nurtured.

Why you should work with us

Our staff of performers, engineers and composers will work with you for a creative solution within your budget. We are here to help you achieve your dreams and become a better person. This studio was built by musicians like you and we know the challenges that you might be facing. We are here to help you with songwriting, audio recording and video shooting. Our work speaks for itself. At Truce label, you have different packages to choose from to suit your budget. We have bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages to fit in your budget. All our packages are high quality and you might be surprised to find out that our cheapest package is of better quality than the most expensive package in other studios.

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