Clare Mumbi – Head of content

Clare Mumbi is the head of content at Truce Label and Now you know 254. She is also also a YouTuber and runs a popular YouTube channel by the name of IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW. She is a student at KU university. She writes sweet and enticing content. Clare has experience in SEO writing and copywriting. 

Kdawg – Chief Producer

Judah Kelly is popularly known as Kdawg. He is a producer from truce label since the label was established. He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi (UON). He has been in production since 2002 working under different record labels. He has expertise in most popular music genres, and he is a member of the hip-hop group of Krakx Mastaz.

In (Krakx Mastaz) they were one of the popular underground hip hop groups in our Nairobi region. At Truce, he is the main producer with great skills required for music production and on both music coaching. He has diverse skills able to adapt to any change in music trend


Munyovi Victor Indiazi (M.V.I) believes in professionalism, time consciousness and ethics when dealing with his clients. With over 5-year experience in both the music and construction industries, he has experience in project management, artist management, business management, team building, professional development, strategic planning, and company collaboration.

He is also a director and C.E.O at Tecmak Global Limited. Tecmak Global Limited is a construction company that has done various construction projects such as building Offices and tree Nurseries at Kenya Forest Services. Building Roads in Meru County and renovation of Kericho KCC offices among other projects.

M.V.I has managed projects at Tecmak Global Limited (construction company), Okoa Talanta 254 (entertainment company) and Truce Label. Apart from project management, he has also worked as a field supervisor at Millward Brown, Nielsen and Infortrack research companies. He has also worked with SEO Cycle (an Australian SEO company) as a content creator. M.V.I holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nairobi. Apart from being Truce Label’s CEO, a contractor and an artist manager, he is also a rapper. He was the first rapper to get a platinum award from

Slim Chain – Artist

Robinson Alubiri, famously known as Slim Chain the Eagle is the founder of (Quality Music) Which is under Truce Label. He’s a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and YouTube Content Creator. His Name stemmed from getting inspiration from the alpha bird, Eagle that rises above the storm whenever he is faced by it. Slim Chain’s style of music is exceptional because he fuses Rnb, drill, trap and hip hop showing his versatility in his art as a solo artist.
He built a reputation for himself early this year after dropping his first EP, The Eagle, which got him a lot of attention for his relentless flow and delivery of words. As many have said he has even been associated with Rapper Jay Z because of his smooth America accent. He might be the one bringing us Grammy’s in the near future

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