How to choose a wedding photographer in Nairobi

Summary: If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Nairobi, choose a budget, know your style, research, check the portfolio of the photographer, consider the quality of lighting at your venue, get quotes from your photographer, ask questions and understand the rights to your photos.

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Nairobi is the best way to ensure the memories of the most important day in your life are covered. With all the anticipation and excitement that comes with planning a wedding, the day will finally come and pass more quickly than you expected.

Whilst you need to savor each moment, you will want to relive it forever. When choosing the right wedding photographer, consider the following things.

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Land on a budget

When coming up with a budget, there are a number of things to consider. The first thing when setting your budget is to research. You should find a few photographers in Nairobi that post their rates publicly on their websites. This will give you a general idea of your expectations.

For example, at Truce Label, you will be charged between Ksh.10, 000 to Ksh. 40,000. The price varies depending on the number of photographers, the location of your wedding, the duration of your wedding and the number of photos you want to be edited. The good thing with Truce Label is that you are provided with different packages to choose from and the quality of the photos is never compromised even if you choose a cheaper package.

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Know your style

You need to find what appeals to you now and for years to come. You should look beyond photography trends to discover your taste. Even if you are not photography savvy, you should make a collection of your favorite photos from other weddings and ask yourself if you like them. Do you like the composition, editing, their ability to capture our emotions or what do you truly want? When you find a photographer that you would like to consider, show them what you like to align your needs with their work.

Look beyond their portfolio highlights

Checking a full gallery of a wedding that an affordable wedding photographer in Nairobi has shot will allow you to see a wide range of photos – from reception detail shots to family portraits. Look for emotional connection, quality, and truth in their work. The meaningful moments in our lives are just a series of moving images.

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Consider the quality of lighting at your venue

Whether it is a low-lit indoor ambience or outside in the sun, assessing the source, amount and timing of light in your venue is crucial to making the necessary arrangements with your photographer. Light can make or break your photo. A winter or fall wedding is going to be different from a summer wedding. A true professional will explain different lighting situations and help you structure your wedding timeline in a way that will give them the best lighting possible.

Go for an engagement photo session to test your photographer

An initial photo shoot with a photographer lets you meet your Nairobi photographer in person and gauge chemistry.

Ask questions

There are a lot of questions you should ask. To get a nice feel of your photographer, you should ask questions such as: What is your wedding photography approach? How many photos can we expect? Do you edit your photos? And so on. Fortunately, at Truce label photography, you will have quality photos for every scene and they can edit over 1000 photos depending on the package you choose. You will also get all the unedited photos.

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Understand the rights to your photos

The legal intricacies and permissions around rights to your wedding photos can be blurry. Any clarification you can get will benefit you and your wedding photographer in Nairobi down the line. Most photographers take all rights to photos and only allow their clients to use them for personal use. At Truce label, we give the client all the rights and seek permission from them to use the photos in our portfolio. If the client doesn’t want us to use their photos, we will never use them. That is why clients love us.

If you want affordable wedding photography and a videographer in Nairobi, contact us at 0712341405, or We will give you quotes and answer all the questions you may have.

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